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19.07.2022 08:45:38

We wish you nice Pentecost!

03.06.2022 17:17:40

We wish you relaxed, happy Easter days.

14.04.2022 14:12:12

The biggest ecological production line of ornamental plants

Some enquiries for environmental friendly produced pot plants, which were not at the moment on the market, and a new EU water guideline ordinance, was for us a good reason to build a new production site We were aware that this product should not cost more than the conventional. We have therefore automatized our production in order to make it more cost and cultivation efficient.

  • Through the closed area of circulated water system, we save up to 72 million liter water per year on a 15he field.
  • A normal production site needs until 90% more water
  • A selective on point use of fertilizer allows us to need 40%less fertilizer
  • Cleaning of the water by bio-slow filter (without any addition of chemicals)

But not only the production shall be environmentally friendly, but also the packing. Only wooden boxes come from certified enterprises instead of plastic pallets and etiquettes with us and the label consists of stone paper which is biologically degraded after 5 months. Along with this goes that the customer does not have to through away any pots, since our products come without any. It is also important that we don’t neglect the quality of the plants and we can today say that Florifair does not rank behind the conventional product,
Instead it is from nature ahead