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Gärtner/in (m/w/d), Fachrichtung Zierpflanzenbau Zum 01.08.2021 stellen wir zwei tatkräftige und engagierte Auszubildende für den Beruf Gärtner/in, Fachrichtung Zierpflanzenbau ein.
10.09.2020 11:08:11

We are happy to present our first virtual in-house exhibition.

first virtual in-house exhibition
28.08.2020 15:14:46

How about a bike ride to Twisteden?

Tourismus & Kultur
13.07.2020 15:26:02

100% Quality

by environmentally-friendly production

.…through a closed production method. That means that a waterproof film will be placed on the area of arable land. On top of this, a layer of approx. 12cm will be covered with lava grains. Drainage pipes are located within this, which serve to guide the overflowing rain or irrigation water into collecting tanks. Therefore no growth aid or pesticides can get into the ground water, and as a result they don’t get into the rivers either. A fabric sheet covers the lava and ensures that the pots remain free from earth. The end product can always be found in a clean pot, which doesn’t need to be washed.
During the period in which the plants are cultivated in open land (approx. 5 months), we save approx 72 million litres of water.

This water volume can be illustrated with the following example:
According to Google, each person in a German household consumes126 litres of water per day.
This can be converted to mean that this 72 million litres of water could completely supply the needs of the town of Essen for a whole day.